Major National Indigenous Mobilization in Brazil: 15th Free Land Camp

Indigenous Blood. In the veins, the fight for land.

The scenario is devastating and in order to articulate resistance and mobilize efforts and support, the APIB - National Articulation of Indigenous People and the National Indigenous Movement call on leaders from all corners of the country to be in Brasilia from April 24 to 26 in a mobilizations during the 15th Free Land Camp.

A call for resistance, a resistence that has not started today and will not end tomorrow. For more than 500 years, people originating in Brazil have been resisting genocide. Today, an extremely conservative government produces direct attacks on rights conquered with much blood and struggle. Successively, we are robbed of guarantees given to us bythe law. The transfer of FUNAI, the responsibility of the land demarcation processes in the hands of agribusiness, the strengthening of the ruralist group in power, the dismantling of health and indigenous education, persecution, threats and executions of leaderships in Brazil. These are just some of the attacks on indigenous people. We will resist!

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